Human Rights

Bitter Winter

Bitter Winter is a web magazine on religious freedom and human rights in China.

I was the lead English to French translator from January 2019 to October 2019.

Here are few examples from amongst many:

Martin Ennals Award

The Martin Ennals Award is an annual prize for human rights defenders at risk awarded by a Jury of ten of the world’s leading human rights NGOs.
  • Translation of website content, narrative reports, media packages, and handbooks from English to French
  • French subtitles of the film-portraits on the Martin Ennals laureates

True Heroes Films

True Heroes Films (THF) is a Geneva-based organisation using film-making and digital storytelling to support human rights defenders around the world.
Here is what I’ve done as a member of THF:
  • Interviews with human rights defenders, whistle blowers and armed groups representatives
  • Production of online content
  • Collecting audio-visual archive in order to build an online platform featuring human rights defenders